Monday, August 23, 2010

Santa Cruz - An Optimum Place for this Dilemma

Philosophically - Does one find oneself doing one great ride over and over until sick of it and can't bring oneself to ride it again till all other options are spent? Right now I'm enjoying the Mountain Charlie/Summit/Zyante ride. Done it 3 Saturdays in a row now. It's so beautiful, and Hwy 9 below Felton still remains closed except for bikes. I used to ride up Hwy 1 to Davenport or on to the Swanton Loop. The traffic on Hwy 1 didn't bother me, till one day it did, and now the thought of doing that ride is just not enticing at all. I'd done Capitola/Eureka Canyon/Summit/Old San Jose Rd over 'n' over as well, and it's still a beautiful classic Northern California ride, but I'm bored with it. What'll I do when I get bored with Mtn. Charlie? I'm starting some GoogleEarth'ing to get ready.

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