Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All Hail South Carolina

A few days ago, on my daily run down to the Boardwalk on the beach in Santa Cruz, I was greeted at the shore with a nice sight - perhaps 20 young people wearing club jerseys with their roadbikes right there on the damp sand at water's edge. For a moment, I thought - strange, those don't look like the kind of bikes you'd want to ride on sand.... and then I realized. They must have completed a fairly significant ride and are celebrating. Their smiles and joy was infectious, and I found myself pulled in. Parents and friends were there too, snapping pictures as the young people hoisted their bikes overhead while feet enjoyed the Pacific ocean. I asked one of the parents "Did your group just finish a nice ride?". She answered - "You could say that - we just bicycled across the country, from South Carolina!". I was impressed, inspired, and joined in the congratulations. Later, I felt a bit more spring in my step as I ran through the waves. I so crave to be inspired by my fellow man, and this moment made my week. So now I know South Carolina has at least two great things going - these ambitious and adventurous kids, and also a great surgeon - Dr. Thomas Gross - who did an outstanding job giving me the ability to run again, with my new cementless resurfaced hip.

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