Friday, May 25, 2012

And, the Wildflower Triathlon Too

Rick, Dave D, and Dan joined me for this year's first triathlon - the Wildflower (Olympic) at Lake San Antonio on May 6. This was the second adventure of the weekend, as Thur-Sat was the annual reunion of the (circa 1970's) UCLA Sierra Club, at Pt. Reyes. I hurried home, changed, and met Dave and then Rick and Dan. Ferrell got us a couple of rooms at the Fort, and after our usual burrito stuffing in King City, arrived at Fort Hunter-Liggett. I did a mile run into the hills at sunset, looking down on San Antonio Mission, and enjoyed the extra large full moon rising over William Randolf Hearst's Hacienda, before prep'ing my gear bag and getting some sleep. Next morning - a Great race! Rick took 5th place and Dave D took 3rd place in the 50's age group. I took 16th in the 60's age group, with a strong run as I passed lots of people who passed me on the bike. Pix page will arrive sometime later this summer, on my usual webpage.

The Chico Wildflower Century Ride

April 30 - My good L.A. friend Dave Wyman and I have made this an annual tradition - joining thousands of like cyclists enjoying the rivers, hills, and volcanic drama of the Chico countryside. My Santa Cruz friends learned what a great experience this ride is, last year, and this year we all enjoyed it together. Dave, brother Dan, and the Delucchi's, Joyce and Dino, Nancy and Jim. I've got pix, of course, but so far no time to make a photo page. I'll say, it was a delight once again. I rode with the Wyman's till the last aid station, at Durham, then short-cut back to Chico and a long cleansing dunk in the Bidwell Park pool before rejoining compadres at the finish line, for 88 miles total. Dave and Dan did the full 100.