Wednesday, December 31, 2014


My November battle with the flu and pneumonia sent my bandwagon into the ditch. I had to work hard in December to make up for lost miles and get it done. I wanted to get 4,000 miles on the bike and 1,000 miles of running, most of all. Got it! Along the way, had some great moments in the forests and backroads. The latest was the Santa Cruz Track Club's second Fremont Peak Run of '14, which was this past Sunday.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Almost forgot - Mt Umunum Time Trial

This was my only other Low Key Hill climb this season, and Ferrell didn't join me - still recovering from the Morgan Hill Half 6 days earlier. Short - and steep. over 2,000 ft of climbing in just 4.5 miles. Glad I did it! 

Mt Hamilton Time Trial, Rides Again

Been sick with the flu and pneumonia for the last 3 weeks of November... but I was well enough to do a Thanksgiving Day tradition - the final time trial of the "Low Key Hill Climb" series, from San Jose up to the top of Mt. Hamilton and Lick Observatory. Our adventure went well!  Got in 42 miles and 5,000 ft of climbing, and only lost 2 minutes off last year's time. Gimme an inhaler and I'm good to go, I guess.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Morgan Hill's Pain Parade

November 2, and Ferrell and I were "all in" to redux our 2012 adventure at the Morgan Hill Half Marathon. That is the only race in which I have ever simply cried "Uncle!" before finishing, so bad was my left hip pain in '12. Revenge was going to be sweet! Or at least, it was going to be existent...

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Run to Berry Creek Falls with Maria Nordh

My Swedish friend Maria was in town for a week - and wanted SO MUCH to do a good long marathon training run with me. She's entered the Stockholm Marathon and my pictures of my own runs through Big Basin had her all excited to get out there. We did, on Thursday Aug 28, and positively OD'd on the resulting endorphins! We did the 11 mile loop from Headquarters up to the ridge and the Sunset trail, to the beautiful series of water falls ending in Berry Creek Falls, and on down and around the loop and back to HQ.

Sandman Triathlon - The Story Remains the Same

I improved significantly on my '12 performance - and felt good! What more can one ask? The pix page is here

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Run From San Juan Bautista to the top of Fremont Peak

This is another annual tradition - of the Santa Cruz Track Club. Usually we do this in the Spring when temps are more moderate. This year, July 6 - which fits nicely with the hard training leading up to the Pikes Peak Half Marathon. Good experience doing a long run which is STRICTLY uphill, so I could see what effect that would have on my hip flexors, and also on recovery. Good on both counts, it turned out. Here's more pix and story

Friday, July 11, 2014

A 5th of July Ocean Swim with the Santa Cruz Masters Swim Club

This is an annual tradition with the SC Masters, and it's summer so the water's warm (well, relatively). Today dawned foggy, and some turbulence the past week had brought in cold water. The water temp was 56F. Still a "go" since we could warm up with hot chocolate waiting for us at "The Picnic Basket" across from the Boardwalk when we finished. The swim was from the Dream Inn, to the Harbor, and back, a little over 3 kilometers.

Nicene Marks State Park - A Run and Hike

This is a photoshop'd version of a photo I took of a little friend Ezra, on a walk through the redwoods last Fall, after I did a long run up West Ridge in Nicene Marks. I just like the feelings this bit of art evokes; it was a nice day with Becky and Ezra exploring the stream after an invigorating long run. I've finally gotten to the photos.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

HellYes! Pikes Peak Here we Come!

Our Santa Cruz Track Club pod decided early this year that we wanted to do the Pikes Peak Half Marathon. Certainly the toughest half marathon I have every heard of. Over 7,000 ft of climbing, no downhill, and all in the "death zone" (OK, maybe a little over-wrought on that part) ending at 14,100 ft summit. We can't enter w/o submitting a recent half marathon qualifying performance under 2hr25min. The Hellyer Half Marathon in San Jose, along Coyote Creek, was the obvious choice, since race entry opens and closes in mid March.

A Winter Run Though Fall Creek

This year has turned into Run, Rick, Run! Since my '07 surgery, running has been what I need and love most for getting right with the World. Fall Creek has begun to edge out Nicene Marks as my favorite venue - the trail along Fall Creek is just about the most inspiring stretch of running mileage I can imagine. After recovering from the Rio Run Jan 1, my next long run was Jan 18 at Fall Creek. I made it an opportunity for experiencing my love of this Earth as viscerally as I know how. 10 miles and about 1500 ft of climbing, captured here

Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year Begins as per Usual

.... that being; the Rio Resolution 10K race. Rick, Dave, and I realized as we drove down, that we'd done this race nearly every year since its inception 24 years ago (my 11 years on the shelf notwithstanding). It was a good day, this time once again. Ferrell had his first real run since injury at the Big Sur Half Marathon 7 weeks earlier, and got in only ~5 minutes slower than last year. I beat my last year's time, by 30 seconds - which was a victory of sorts since even though my left psoas again dogged me after mile 2.5, I quite expected it to - given  I'd done a very hilly half marathon in Nicene Marks just 2 days earlier. Hip rebuild continues - slow but in the right direction. Delucchi was also faster than last year, and in good form. I look forward to another year of getting out into the world - of water, trails, and redwood-shaded backroads.