Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year Begins as per Usual

.... that being; the Rio Resolution 10K race. Rick, Dave, and I realized as we drove down, that we'd done this race nearly every year since its inception 24 years ago (my 11 years on the shelf notwithstanding). It was a good day, this time once again. Ferrell had his first real run since injury at the Big Sur Half Marathon 7 weeks earlier, and got in only ~5 minutes slower than last year. I beat my last year's time, by 30 seconds - which was a victory of sorts since even though my left psoas again dogged me after mile 2.5, I quite expected it to - given  I'd done a very hilly half marathon in Nicene Marks just 2 days earlier. Hip rebuild continues - slow but in the right direction. Delucchi was also faster than last year, and in good form. I look forward to another year of getting out into the world - of water, trails, and redwood-shaded backroads. 

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