Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Bump in the Road

Hopefully not full-on "wheels off the bandwagon and into the ditch". Left psoas not happy after two tough mountain triathlons and fairly heavy training ahead of Pikes Peak in 2.5 weeks. Medical opinion is that the pain is from bad biomechanics memorized during my 10 years on crutches and walking around like Lurch, with stubborn problem in getting the pattern to normalize. More pain means "tissue memory" takes me back to my "Lurch" days and this only amplifies the problem when I then try to run again. So, the prescription is "bridges" using a bar and to insure the bar stays level on my hip bones, meaning I'm practicing equal glute firing from both sides. Also strained my back in the gym 2 weeks ago and that's also been stubborn. I'm barely hanging on to running 1000 miles projected pace for the year, based on first 7 months.

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