Sunday, January 24, 2016

Low Key Finale - Mt Hamilton Hill Climb

The Arctic Oscillation in late November decided to wander down and cover California. It was chilly! Ferrell and I double checked at the last and the race was not cancelled, although there were warnings of black ice up near the summit. I bought some wimpy (all they had at Outdoor World) gloves the night before, but had no toe covers for my cleats. So, I'd be darn cold coming down, but OK going up. Before the start, I told Rick that if I hit black ice, I'd not go further - a slip out and hitting the pavement, especially on the downride, could crack my hip - not a good risk. Thankfully, I didn't see black ice till almost the top, just a corner before the driveway up to the old 36" scope. Rick had already topped out and was coming down and met me just as I was arriving at that spot, near a driveway for one of the mountain staff at Lick Observatory. In the last mile, I saw a number of riders heading down, and many were whimpering loudly about their numb fingers, toes, and one fellow exclaimed "my brain is so cold it hurts!". It was snowy at the summit. BUT, still a great morning and great way to start Thanksgiving! Ferrell continued on from Scotts Valley to SF for family get togethers, and I headed to Diane's for a feast with the Delucchi's.

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