Tuesday, January 22, 2013


On Friday I did one of my favorite new habits - run from home up through the Pogonip to UC Santa Cruz to attend one of the weekly astronomy, physics, or geophysics seminars. In this case, the IGPP Friday seminar, on chondritic meteorite age dating and what they reveal about the major impact events in the history of our solar system. It's a 9 mile total run. But after 3 miles I could tell my hip was not good. I didn't want to be late so I pressed on, and figured the ~70 minute rest during the seminar would give enough recovery for a relatively pain-free run back down the mountain before it got dark. But, this one hurt. What's interesting is that my left hip "clunk" which disappeared about ~18 months after my '07 surgery with strengthening and stretching, is back (to a minor extent). Not painful, but perhaps predisposes me to painful runs. Maybe the ~1000 mi/yr pace of the first 2.5 weeks of the year was too much, combined with missing a couple days of roller work? I'm speculating, don't really have answers. Anyway, I can still bike and swim OK, which is what I've done the past 3 days. Enjoyed biking around Pescadero (sunset pic above) and harvesting kiwis on Sunday.  Back to heavy roller work. We shall see...

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