Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cold Training

I hope to do a solo XC ski backpack in Yosemite next weekend. I celebrated my hours of Astro classes prep this week with a little Cold Training to prepare for Yosemite. My favorite long ride - 60 miles into the mountains and redwoods north of Santa Cruz on a very crisp January morning. My toes were not happy as I pedaled up Eureka Canyon with my cyclocomputer's thermometer reading 41F, and I couldn't wait to switchback up higher and get out of the cold air pooling along the canyon, and maybe see some sun. Turns out, I'd miss those balmy 41F miles, because as I climbed higher the thermometer dropped further. 37F as I got to Ormsby and headed downhill towards Camp Loma. As I got into the sun later, the temp climbed back up to 40F as I arrived at Summit Store and had my little reward - an avo+kale sandwich - and bantered with a few hardy mountain bikers sharing the patio. Darn if the temps didn't drop back to 37F as I continued on to Mountain Charlie Road and the bumpy descent to Scotts Valley. I nursed my Cliff bar and Chomps for every calorie. Arriving back at InShape gym, I couldn't feel my feet as I hobbled in on frozen stumps, and a welcome soak in the hot tub. Maybe that wasn't so bad! Next weekend in the snow will be great.

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