Sunday, November 7, 2010

Soy and Silicon

The past 3 months I've been absorbed with academic things. However, hip surgery readers will be curious how my training and rehab has gone. After a month of running every day, I had an overuse injury to my right calf - that's my GOOD side. Till now, all problems have been on my left (operated) side. Perhaps my single-minded focus on building strength and control in my left leg has left my right behind? Was very stubborn about healing, in fact, another solid month when I could barely run at all - very strange. I came to blame it on soy lowering testosterone and healing ability, after much reading. But yet more reading and I'm not so sure. I wish it were easier to see who's funding a given research project! I've stopped eating soy, for nearly a month now. My calf healed, and I'm back to regular running. I feel more energy and generally better. Have no idea if there's a connection with soy, at this point. Check back later on that as I continue reading.
In any case, did have a better-than-expected experience as buddy Ferrell recruited me to accompany him on a birthday adventure - running the Silicon Valley Half Marathon. See the story and pix here.

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