Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Soft is out, Hard is in!

After struggling for 3 months with an inflammed left psoas and inability to run more than a mile or two at a time, and after stretching and strengthening religiously - to no effect whatsoever - and after X-rays and blood work - with no problemo.... I think I may have solved my problem. It's the roller! Yes, I've been using my roller at least twice a week for a long time, but it was the blue softer version, not the hard styrofoam version. Before last Wednesday's swim workout I came to the gym an hour early and did a long hard session with their black styrofoam roller and hit every square inch of both legs and glutes, hips.... everything below the waist. It worked! I was able the next day to do what had been my standard 3 and a half mile daily run to/along the beach, and then Saturday I did my standard 10 mile Fall Creek run, with just some discomfort in the last 3 miles. Entirely not-alarming given my low run mileage this year. I'm encouraged!

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