Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Redwood City Half Marathon

Ferrell always likes to do a Half Marathon to celebrate his birthday, and this year we were lured in to the Redwood City Half on Oct 29, which promised miles and miles of off-road through the wetlands. Well, actually it was on city roads and then a lot on a bike trail which butted right up against the Hwy 101 freeway, with a coupl'a/three miles in the wetlands. But there were some nice dawn views of the peaceful marsh and reflections. I was at least gratified that my psoas let me run the whole race, albeit with a fair amount of pain near the end. I did 2:39:58, so just barely beat my goal of breaking 2:40. Slow, but better than it might have been. My psoas has been giving me off/on worse pain this year and something's gotta be done. I will head in for an Xray this coming week.

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