Sunday, July 5, 2015

Triathlon'ing on the Russian River

Ferrell and I made a late decision - to do the Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon, at the funky little town of Monte Rio on the lower Russian River, on May 31, 2015. I was immediately intrigued - with many fond childhood memories at my grandfather's cabin built on the River just a few miles upstream. So I was "in". Alas, the race was already filled by the time I decided, although I hoped to get in on late cancellations at check-in the afternoon before the race. The swim was the problem - the river was very low, and the swim start required a 100 yard slog through shallow rocky water to the start, and 200 yards of barefoot slogging on the same rocks before exiting the river. I decided to skip the swim and just do the bike and run. Thanks to my cousin, Rick and I were able to stay at the cabin, and I had a very memorable weekend. The run, however, for me was a disaster. Strong left hip pain forced me to walk a good deal of it, The whole story's here.

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