Friday, June 21, 2013

Cleared for take-off

It's now been 6 years since my surgery. I'd worried this Spring about my nagging hip pain on running, to the point I worried the bone/metal interface might be in trouble. Seeing local orthopedist Dr. Christoffersen didn't allay fears, as his blanket recommendation for anyone with a hip implant was "don't run! Period!". However, he was unfamiliar with the Biomet cementless system and the excellent record of Dr. Gross, so I was highly skeptical of the advice. I got X-rays, which showed an unlikely but possible separation at the terminal edge of the bone/metal interface. However, metal ion levels were quite normal, and the pain symptoms didn't match what you'd expect from a loosening. Got a bone scan and it showed only the normal bone rebuilding to be expected throughout the femoral head and acetabulum from the ongoing rebuilding from the severe osteoporosis I had and the running stresses I do to stimulate bone repair. My surgeon agreed with the diagnosis and my main theory - tendinitis from the metal edge - as the most likely pain source. Rx is lots more stretching and strengthening. I'm cleared to run! And have been. Including a recent gratifying run up to UCSC to celebrate the new Hyades supercomputer system introduction
   The layoff during these medical uncertainties seemed to do me good, and I'm now able to run reasonable distances w/o significant pain.
   Did the run at the Wildflower Triathlon at Lake San Antonio and here's the story. And this past week, did the Uvas Reservoir Triathlon. Now, on this one, I did the bike and had a fast transition and IMMEdiately felt the hip tendinitis when I started to run. A painful debilitated 10K set a new record for me - slowest 10K ever! But the day was still quite fun to look back on and glad for having jumped in. Enjoy the pix.

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