Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scar Tissue?

That's my new theory - I've been working harder on using the foam roller and also my 'dumb bell' roller on my left leg. Especially, I'm using it to work the upper inside of my thigh, where the psoas attaches. This is only accessible by the foam roller. This was a decision after a frustrating Morgan Hill Half Marathon, which I turned around on at mile 4.0, turning it into a 8 miler. Much frustration! I felt my left psoas and IT band go bad after the first mile, and only got to mile 4 just to greet Derek B who came out to say high (he lives on the course, near Chesboro Reservoir). Miserable!  But since then, I've been running very well. Dave D told me he'd been rollering every day, which is something I have not tried. Time to try. And it's working. I did 13 miles in Nicene last weekend, more running mid week, and did 9 miles to/from UCSC (and an IGPP talk on solar system formation theory) yesterday afternoon - and feel fine! Will post recent events a little later.

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