Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toughest Test Yet - Death Valley

Two weeks ago our Santa Cruz Track Club gang combined with the Tullamore Dew Running Club for an epic adventure in Death Valley - an annual tradition but a first for me. Trail running, swapping stories, and beer'n'quesadilla's - it was one hell of a great weekend. The centerpiece was a marathon, or half marathon, from Rhyolite over Red Pass and down into Death Valley via Titus Canyon. I did 12 miles, nearly 5,000 ft of downhill running, on that run. Gratifyingly, I felt pretty good and survived it just fine. And - no ill effects on my metal hip. Remember that just 4 years ago at my surgery, my bone density was so low that a measuring screw into my trochantor crumbled, and density was off-the-scale low; only half of normal. My attention to proper nutrition and bone-building impact exercise has paid off!

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