Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Punishing 10K in Beautiful Carmel

Last weekend Ferrell and I motored to Carmel for the Stevenson Run in the Forest 10K. The plan was to do the 10K, scarf a big post-race breakfast at the very tony school, drop Rick off at REI at Fort Ord where he'd do a long bike back to Aptos, and I'd drive home and immediately pack my mountain bike for a S24O with Kent. I hoped to put in a strong time as my running as come along. Yow - that first mile was a killer! steep downhill all the way to the ocean, and running it fast on asphalt was not good for my poor hip. Big mistake! Suffered the rest of the race with hip pain, and the rest of the week too. Also got run straight into a big tree by a tour bus! (Hey, go ahead and run me over if you need to; no problem - I know you've got a schedule to keep.) Note to self - no more fast steep downhill runs! Feeling a little better today, a week later. Did a 50 mile ride up Eureka Canyon yesterday, and a mountain bike ride to come today. I'll detail my adventure with Kent in a future post, when pix are posted. Alas, dead camera for the 10K and no pix. Sorry!

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