Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sparse Start for '11

After a good January (well, except for the dog attack), February was a bust. A total - BUST! Got a bad chest bug which was going around town and my lungs were totally shot for the entire month. Boy, the bugs out there now aren't the old fashioned low-key cold bugs that go away after a few days - they're nasty and don't go down without a big long fight. I'm finally feeling better and starting to ramp up for upcoming triathlons. I'll post some pix of recent adventures soon. Meanwhile, I've got a page up for the Jan 1 Rio Resolution 10K Race. Running's going OK again. I'm getting some new tests done to make sure my hip is adapting to all the running with no problem. I have no symptoms to say otherwise. Tested my glutes today left and right side and they were as nearly equal now as I've yet seen post-surgery, so that's good news. I've computerized my training numbers and finally posted my 2010 totals at right.

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