Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nicene 16 Mile Run - End to End

Jul 22: Ferrell is training for the Pikes Peak Half Marathon in August; long uphill runs are called for! I was recruited to join the big plan - to run Nicene Marks from end to end, and top to bottom. Buzzard Lagoon to Santa Rosalia Mountain, down to West Ridge and on out, including the side trails. We could each do a one-way by meeting in the middle where I'd hand off my car key. It all worked! See the pix and story here.

BRICK in the Sky

July 14: There's a fun little race done every year, up at Radinovich Farms on Highland Way in our Santa Cruz Mountains. Beautiful venue, and close enough for the opportunity to do a long ride and run all in one swell foop. I'd recovered enough from June Lake that I was eager to go for it. Rick Ferrell and I both rode up. I spent the night at Cabrillo Observatory and got up early to drive down to InShape before 6am, and rode up Old San Jose Rd to the top and on up to Radinovich. Pick up the story and pix here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Max Pain does the June Lake Tri

After years of pondering, the stars aligned and Rick Ferrell, Dave Slothower and I did the June Lake Triathlon. Rick was in great shape, even doing the Firecracker 10K just 3 days before our race. I was still recovering from a half marathon the week before, and a 60 mile ride 4 days pre-race. Left side IT band and thence into my left hip psoas area, were the problem after getting onto a tough, steep 10K trail run into the high Sierra. The good news is that the rest of the competition in my age group mostly got scared away from this race - so I took 3rd! My first podium time for a triathlon!