Monday, January 24, 2011

Doggone it!

Well here's a first for me. I'm doing my Sunday long run at Nicene Marks, about a quarter mile up the West Ridge trail, puffing hard - and here are two dogs off the leash, (with owner and family) going for me in attack mode, snarling. I try and get off the trail hoping their momentum will carry them on by, but one makes a side lunge at me and grabs a big bite into my right side. Yelp! THAT hurt! Some choice curses came out and I scramble for a stick to defend myself before the owner calls off the dog, grabbing it. Man, that was TOTALLY uncalled for! Several laws broken to pieces, and I'm prosecuting. After I got her name and phone, I loped on up to the next stream crossing and washed it as well as I could. Miles from my car, it was a while before I could get home. Got some photos, including this one the next morning.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Racing Again

It seems this blog has become pretty single-mindedly focused on training and surgery recovery. I suppose that's OK. But it's not really sharing my philosophical side. I may have to make a second blog for that, or reorganize this one... but for now - it's been 2 months and I should note that I've run 2 half marathons and 2 10K races during this time - my running is continuing to improve. The Silicon Valley Half is chronical'd here, and the Marin North Face Challenge Half Marathon is here. The Turkey Trot 10K went badly on an easy course - hip pain with a vengence, but cleared up in 2 days thank God. The Rio Resolution 6.3 mile run went much better on a much tougher course - progress! I've also started Bikram yoga, which has been challenging.